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Whether you like to be self sufficient
or travel with all the bells and whistles,
you’ll find all your equipment
at your local SA dealer.


The basic swag is a canvas bed roll containing a foam mattress, sleeping bag and pillow and gives you the freedom to camp wherever permitted. Some open at one end, others at the side. More substantial swags may come with support poles which can take a little time to erect and may need anchorage points.


If you plan to camp in cooler weather, ensure you choose a four season tent. A fast frame tent is easier to erect but will take up more space. If you are a family of four, take a 10-person tent, unless you want to sleep four abreast.

Roof top tent

With your tent atop your vehicle you can set up in minutes and sleep off the ground, protected from the elements. All bedding remains in the tent, freeing up vital storage space and making for a quick getaway.

Soft floor tent trailer

Light, low and compact, and not necessarily requiring a 4WD to tow, these are typically a box trailer, with the bed on top, a slide-out kitchen within the trailer body, and a tent that folds off to one side. They have the benefit of a larger tent with more storage.

Hard floor camper trailer

These generally are a trailer with a lid that folds to become a solid flat floor under the living space, keeping it off the ground and out of the dirt. Being quick and easy to set up and pack away, they are popular with couples and small families.

Hybrid camper

Doubling as a weekender or Outback tourer, hybrids suit those looking for all the comforts of a caravan with the freedom to go off road and off grid when the mood strikes – just make sure your vehicle has the structural integrity for more rugged conditions.

Off road caravan

With suspension and construction – and tyres – designed for off road use, you can go wherever you wish. The engineered chassis is able to withstand rough conditions, without compromising on comfort.


The opportunities to create your dream home on wheels are endless with a fully custom-built caravan. With every amenity considered the possibilities are endless and you can leave your van parked while you enjoy a day’s touring before returning for sundowners.


Enjoy your comforts? With large seating areas, electric lift double bed, ensuite, additional sleeping options and many other features, a motorhome is your home away from home … and you only need a car licence to drive the more compact models.